Integrative Health Center - Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine


Meet Our Staff

The primary care physicians at the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center are graduates of the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

This two-year program was created by Andrew Weil, MD, and is the premiere offering at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, the recognized world leader in integrative medical education.

We would like to thank our team of health care professionals for all of their dedication and service to the IHC and their patients.

Heidi Rula Heidi Rula, MD
Medical Director

Cheri Dersam, MD
L. Blair Nielsen, D.C.
Manual Medicine
Candice Candelaria, MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Annie Meigs RN, L.A.c

Scott Phelps, L.Ac.
Leah Randolph, MA
Integrative Health Coach