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PhoenixMade possible by a grant from the Adolph Coors Foundation and  a partnership with Salt River Project, the Integrative Medicine Primary Care Trial (IMPACT) will compare outcomes for patients (primarily employees of SRP) treated using integrative care with similar patients treated using solely conventional medical care. Outcomes  will be used to inform the discussion on the value of integrative primary care, for both patients and employers, with the goal of influencing health care policy. 

Because outcome measurement is essential, methods currently being considered are grouped in the following domains. The Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomics (HOPE) Center has joined with AzCIM in this effort and provides additional technical and analytic support for the study.

  • Discerning the financial viability of the model
  • Examining clinical outcomes and absenteeism
  • Patient quality of life
  • Patient and referring physician satisfaction
  • Medical service utilization and cost of claims

The award of the Adolph Coors Foundation grant gave impetus to launch the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center in Phoenix in 2012. The grant received is used only for the study and not to establish or operate the clinic.

Although the IHC has closed, the study will continue until all the patient surveys are complete and all the final billing records have been analyzed. 

We hope to publish the results of the IMPACT study in 2017, and we would like to thank the Coors Foundation, the patients, the practitioners and Salt River Project for their cooperation.