Integrative Health Center - Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine


IHC Difference

A Different Model of Integrative Care

The difference between the Integrative Health Center experience and other primary care clinics, is that it will allow patients to:

  • Receive the best possible care embodying Integrative Medicine philosophy and principles.
  • Gain increased access to practitioners.
  • Use a hybrid model of funding where patients pay a monthly or annual fee for typically non-covered complementary health care services, and access regular insurance reimbursement for covered primary care medical services.
  • Enter into a Health Partnership Agreement, in consultation with clinical staff, encouraging you to commit to lifestyle changes and personal responsibility.
  • Explore options for group visits and educational classes, giving you more access to practitioners and a sense of belonging in a community of wellness.
  • Experience a team care model in which you will identify goals and values and have them supported by health coaches who will help you make transformative lifestyle changes.
  • Have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in integrative medicine research, such as the IMPACT Study.